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Nov 3 11 3:13 AM

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I need to replace the rubber hose on my rudder shaft . I understand I need to drop the rudder about 4=5 inches or so. Do you know what size hose I need it looks to be about 3 inch or there about  I need to know before I get to the yard   thanx

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Nov 3 11 7:55 AM

I can measure it for you, but frankly there was so little standardization with the old Bristol yard that I would be surprised if all 29's had the same size rudder stuffing box hose. A better bet would be to pull or cut off the old hose and then measure for a new hose. The yard that pulls your boat can almost certainly supply you with the correct hose. At the same time that you replace the hose, you should rebuild and repack the stuffing box so you will need to measure and get new packing for that as well.

Good luck,


Restoring a Bristol 29 in my backyard.

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