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Fiberglass Sander

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Apr 19 11 2:16 PM

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This is my first ever posting.
Great site.
I have natural (unfinished) toe rails on B29.
It seams like nothing I have used stays bonded to the wood.
I tried Boat Life caulk and one other product whose name I can't recall.I've not tried silicone because it is not known for good bonding to wood. I know a bit about caulk because I am a residential/commercial painting contractor.
Any suggestions?
Also, how can I identify the hull number of my boat.
I've had it for several years and I thought I'd discover it on a plate somewhere while messing about, but I haven't.

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Apr 20 11 6:45 AM

If you are looking to recaulk the toe rails because they are leaking, you will have to remove the toerail, sand/clean the bottom of the rail and the top of the hull to deck joint of any caulking using acetone, and then rebed in 3M 5200 or a similar caulking made to bond teak.  You might first look at the genoa tracks on the toerails as they are a usual source of leaks.

Good luck,


Restoring a Bristol 29 in my backyard.

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