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Fiberglass Sander

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Oct 21 10 6:15 PM

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I bought a makita 18v Li-Ion drill and impact set recently. Similar to this one except with a 3rd battery. Home Depot had them for a little south of $400. Found a brand new set (yeah, REALLY brand new, as in the seal hadn't been removed yet) on Craig's List for $165. Oh, yeah, I'm loving it.

anyway, the point of this (other than the drive-by gloat) is that these tools have changed my life. Women whistle at me, I get more action, I've lost weight, men envy me, and everywhere I walk people tremble.

The impact driver in particular is a really handy tool. it's got a quick release chuck, so any standard driver bit just snaps in. It will drive screws into hardwood without strain, and it doesn't torque your wrist. I can't imaging putting a deck down (house or boat) without one. The drill has a hammer-drill mode, in addition to the usual settings for driver (with adjustable clutch) and drill (no clutch). The hammer drill won't replace a dedicated unit for tunneling through concrete, but for drilling into epoxy it might be handy. the nice thing about the Li-Ion battery technology is 1) weight--far less for equivalent oomph and 2) charge durability--the Li-ion batteries will stay pretty close to fully charged in your tool box for much longer than the older NiCad or NiMh batteries will. 

I've yet to get a crap tool from Makita. they make make one, but I haven't experienced it yet.

JB "Dude, you don't need like 60 pounds of propane on a 29' boat"

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