Oct 26 09 10:51 AM

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This is a new formula of epoxy by West System. It comes preloaded in caulking tubes with a clever mixing tip you screw on. As you pump the gun the resin and hardener are dispensed mixed and ready to use. The extruded epoxy is very thick and sticky and can be used overhead without it running or peeling off. It takes quite a lot of effort to pump the marterial out with a standard hand-operated caulking gun--in cooler weather I can see it being very tiring or almost impossible without turning to an electric or pnumatic gun.
I used it for the first time this past weekend. I like the epoxy a lot, mostly because it has a long pot life--probably an hour at 80 degrees--and it saves me from having to hand load caulking tubes. It is relatively expensive--about 20.00 per tube, but convenience always costs, right?
You can find the new epoxy product at Jamestown Distributors, and you can buy extra tips as well so you can store and reuse the remaining epoxy in the tube.