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Able Bodied Seaman

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Jul 6 09 6:39 PM

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My Boat has three thru hulls in the stern.  One for the exhaust on the port side and then there are two on the starboard side.  Of the two on the starboard side one is above the water line and has a hose coming off it that connects to nothing, I think it is supposed to be connected to the manual bilge pump and then the other is directly below and is actually mounted on the bottom of the stern in a more vertical position and is connected to the electric bilge pump.  Does this sound like the correct arrangement?  Thanks. 

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Jul 6 09 8:18 PM

They sound about normal for the B29. Make sure on the two bilge pump hoses, especially the one that actually goes down to the bottom that you take those hoses in a loop all the way up to the underside of the stern deck so there is no risk of back syphoning.


Restoring a Bristol 29 in my backyard.

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