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Fiberglass Sander

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Apr 26 09 4:50 PM

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Ok, so this is likely going to be a real novice question, but here goes anyway :)

You (and others) mention running your outhaul line back to the boom and through some blocks down and back to the cockpit.
Since most of the folks speaking of doing this have larger sailboats (that I would imagine don't often remove their main sail) moored or in a marina with a sailcover on, why would you want to go through this trouble for a line that from my limited knowledge would be relatively stationary?

Also, any suggestions on color 'codes' for my running rigging?

16' '80 Lockley Newport

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Apr 27 09 6:15 AM


I can't speak for others, but I tend to adjust the outhaul quite a lot when sailing. When I am sailing down wind or closer hauled in ligh air, I will loosen the outhaul and bag out the foot ot the main. When sailing on the wind as it increases I will tighten the outhaul incrementally to help flatten and depower the sail. 

For me, if the outhaul is close at hand on the cabintop, it's easy to do and I use the outhaul for adjustments. For a larger sail, you really need either a multipart haul for the outhaul, or you need to take the line to a winch. Some boats use a reeefing winch for that.

I use a green genoa sheet for the starboard side and a red sheet to port. The reefing lines I code as red for the first reef, white for the second, and blue for the third--it's just an easy way for me to keep the tangle of reefing lines straight.

Restoring a Bristol 29 in my backyard.

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May 21 09 6:51 PM


Where is your mast now? Is it still out side in the weather? Is it ok to leave it out in the weather, I've been hitting it with some  WD-40 when I happen to have it out. I do it just to keep things lubed up the "hardware that is". I guess it's ok huh...I wondered what you were doing with yours...

see ya


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May 22 09 4:57 AM

It's stored along the side of my house. The winches are all new on it now so I;m not to worried about it--after all the conditions here are much better than when she is sitting in a slip in Tampa Bay.

Restoring a Bristol 29 in my backyard.

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