Apr 10 09 11:55 AM

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Besides the prop shaft suffing box, Bristols use the same model suffing box for the rudder post tube. This second stuffing box is often forgotten and neglected. In order to see it and service it you need to get in the lazarette on your back, head down and scoot under the cockpit floor sort of to the side. In all likelihood, you will find that it is / has leaked on a regular basis, and you may in fact see that the hose and clamps are original and that the clamps may in fact be rusted away and missing. To replace the hose you must drop the rudder. So the next time the boat is out of the water, do the job right, replace the hose, and clamps, and repack the stuffing box and tighten it enough to offer some resistence against the rudder post but not too much. It should not leak at all when adjusted correctly.

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