Mar 30 09 5:39 PM

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I'd like everyone to participate and regardless of your views or your experience feel that what you ask or contribute is important. Sailing is a wonderful sport and occupation for a lucky few, and repairing boats ourselves can be the difference between owning a boat and not being able to afford a yard's hourly wage to have it done for you. So I take seriously what is asked here, and I hope each participant will as well. Follow a few guidelines and we will all benefit from the content of this forum:

  • Please don't be personally insulting.
  • If you plan to make broad generalizations, be prepared to support them. Otherwise, it might be a better notion to keep your statements specific to your experience.
  • I encourage vigorous debate and discussion, but no fights. I will be the final authority if I must be.
  • Do not sell your products or services on this forum. It is non commercial, informative and supporting the work of folks who love old boats and want to restore and use them. It's fine for you to be in the marine trades, but no selling here. You can post adds to sell your own gear or boat here or ads stating what you are looking to buy.
  • Let's hold off on profanity or all caps shouting, please.

Other than that, please feel like this is your forum, becuase it is.

David Browne
Maitland, FL
irishsailor at g mail dot com

Restoring a Bristol 29 in my backyard. www.bristol29.com