Aug 13 16 6:28 PM

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I deeply regret to inform the Bristol 29 community of the passing of my brother David Browne. After a battle with cancer he was striken a week ago with a massive stroke and was unable to recover. 

He and I grew up sailing small boats on lakes first in Tennessee and later in Florida, moving on to keelboats and cruising and constantly talking about sailing, boats, seamanship, and related topics. I was always impressed and frequently amazed at the workmanship he did in his on-going refit of the Sally B and I only wish he and I could have finished the project and gone sailing together one more time. 

I'm not sure if this forum will be continued or not. David left us in a hurry such that we don't have access to all his accounts so we might not be able to continue to administer this forum. If there is information that is valuable to you please archive it now. 

Best regards,
John Browne johnbro27 at gmail dot com