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Jun 18 13 1:18 PM

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Does anyone know if the mast should have some rake to it and how much or if there should be some prebend to it? replaced all my standing rigging and now the mast pumps even in a light breeze,this is on a bristol30  thanx

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Jun 19 13 3:42 AM

The Bristol 30 mast is the same exact mast as on the B29. It is not bendable, nor should it have any preloaded bend in it like you would with a modern boat with a skinny tapered mast.

As to mast rake, since the boat has so much weather helm you will typically rake the mast forward some to reduce WH--it doesn't have much affect and makes the boat look a bit odd. Raking the mast aft will only increase WH.

As to the mast pumping. I haven't had that issue personally with my B29, but my guess is the problem lies in the intermediate shrouds. Sight the mast vertically and make sure that the forward intermediates are not pulling the mast out of column. I would keep the intermediate shrouds on the tight side but be absolutely sure the mast is straight.



Restoring a Bristol 29 in my backyard.

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